As a Volunteer 

and within the capabilities of my equipment and training, 

I pledge to protect the people 

of the Big Elk Meadows community from emergencies and natural disasters 

and to render assistance in the event of medical emergencies.

Beyond immediate safety of our neighbors, I also strive to protect the forest 

that surrounds us and the homes in which we live.

1)            All Members must attend at least 6 trainings per year.

2)            All Members must respond to calls when they are available and to at least 6 per year.

3)            Members are to take care of issued equipment and keep it ready to use.

4)            Members will maintain certifications to the best of their ability.

5)            Members will maintain proficiency in the use of tools & equipment needed to perform their duties.

6)            Members may not give the fire department door codes to anyone without authorization.

7)            Members not meeting the expectations will be evaluated by the officers of the department and recommendations will be made on an individual basis.

8)            Members who continue to meet the expectations will be issued department ID card, door codes, training and equipment as its needed and available.

9)            All members must sign the commitment packet