Photos 2002 Big Elk Fire

***DISCLAIMER*** not all of these photos belong to LD Briggle. Some are from sister agencies, fellow firefighters and friends. I share these with the hope that you will be respectful of their, and my, intellectual property. Thank you.

1)Planning the strategy of the burn out operations.

2) Preparing the homes with a foam blanket prior to the burnout operations.

3) Hot Shot crews putting fire to the ground, along the handline that was put in behind the homes on Aspen Drive.

4) Flames jumping about 100 feet in the air, behind the homes on Aspen Drive.

5) Steadfast, holding of the handline.

6) Erickson Skycrane working to control hot spots and flare ups

7) Slurry drop on the north end of Aspen Drive and Cedar Drive, by Air Tanker 21

8) Sign at the trail head for Lions Gulch trail.